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Who we are

The world kitchen is a charitable association. We organize public cooking events in the region of Ludwigsburg. People, who have fled  to Germany work on an unpaid basis, but share responsability: They cook meals from their native countries!

The income from the association we use to finance the cooking car and to operate the world Kitchen.


Surplus profits are used to finance language courses as well as to support integration measures.

What we want

The first months, which people spend in Germany, are particulary important for their integration. The World Kitchen offers them meaningful activities, even before they have acquired an official work permit.

For our activities we hire a very well equipped Kitchen Car. We thus organize cooking projects at markets and festivals, in residential areas and in front of firms and schools.

The communal preparations, shopping, cooking and serving, do not require an initial language course. In this way they create a space, where it is easy to meat each other.

The integrating power of the project has a double effect: the cooks as well as the guests may experience open encounters with one another!



weltenKüche e.V.

Arndtstraße 6

71636 Ludwigsburg


Telefon 0176 – 3549 8996


Anyone can become a member of the association "weltenKüche e.V." (registered World Kitchen) who finds its purpose meaningful and who is prepared to be active without pay in the way he sees most fitting. A membership fee will not be imposed. Single or regular donations certainly help us a lot.